We’re Looking Forward to : The Vaults presents Sounds and Sorcery celebrating Disney FANTASIA

It’s no secret at GYGO that we’re big fans of the incredible immersive shows that London’s Waterloo Vaults have held over recent years. From the terrifically terrifying Goosebumps right through to the astonishingly good Alice Underground. So when we heard about The Vaults latest planned shows, ‘Sounds and Sorcery celebrating Disney’s Fantastia’ we simply had to find out more!

The team behind Sounds and Sorcery were kind enough to share some information on the shows and invite us along to attend the event. So below is a small glimpse of the kind of fantastical things that await.

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Sounds and Sorcery celebrating Disney FANTASIA is a modern, innovative multi-sensory show that brings to life the world’s most iconic classical music through unique installations, theatrical performances and technical wizardry. Audience members are invited to step inside The Vaults maze of tunnels in Waterloo, London, where, wearing individual headphones, the orchestra will guide them on an interactive concert experience combining cutting edge binaural sound, 3D projections, elaborate set designs and dazzling lighting effects.

Arrive at your destination underneath Waterloo station, collect your headphones at the door and step inside the tunnels. It’s time for adance with a funky hippo, walk in a prehistoric wasteland,seekout the fairies in a magical forest and, if you dare, sneak into theSorcerer’slair.

Live performances willfeatureThe Vaults’own interpretations of characters inspired by Fantasia.The full cast includes Natasha Volleywho will playthe Sorcererwith Anna Alvarez, Samuel ColeandMolly Scottas the three Brooms in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and Miranda Menzies, Angelo Paragoso, Phil Sealey, Janina Smithtake on the roles of a Crocodile, Hippo, Elephant and Ostrich, respectively, inThe Dance of the Hours.

Under the musical direction of Stephen Higgins, a 96-piece orchestra has created a new recording especially for the experience, featuring The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, The Rite of Spring, Night on Bald Mountain, Nutcracker Suite, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, Dance of the Hours and Ave Maria.

Sounds and Sorcery celebrating Disney FANTASIAis directed by Daisy Evans, the founder and Artistic Director of Silent Opera whose work focuses on the use of headphones to bring classical music tonew audiences. Design for the production has been created by Kitty Callister in collaboration with a variety of artists who have created the installations including David GregorySound Designer, Doug FosterVideo Designer,





Watch this space for the full incoming review!